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TUF-Solutions, LLC

Last year TUF-Solutions remounted and rebuilt 11 pieces of equipment including Transferring Diggers off a Existing chassis and remounting on a IHI 75 Track units for a rental company, we did this in 60 days not one year, saving the customer time and rental money. We also converted 18 of our customers fleets to use our Hydraulic Oil Filtration and Desiccant Breather installation. End results after a 6 month test on daily maintenance, we found about a 33% savings on routine maintenance in there fleet saving the customer around $4500.00 every 6 months.

In 2015 and 2016 in working close with Bob Dray at FEVA, I sold around 20 FEVA Tree units to different customers for Utility One Source, over 2 million in sales.

In September of 2016, TUF solutions sold 6.2 million dollars to a contractor in Tennessee using Ring Powers Fleet.

TUF-Manufacturing is a full manufacturing company formed in 2013 with the purpose to build a utility trailer to out last any other trailer in the utility industry. Owners are Chris Boger, Kenny Peek and Ervin Brown. A few prototypes were built and sold, and production started in the 4th quarter of 2014. Several were purchased by a rental company for a 90 day evaluation, and as a result, we were given an order on 60 pulse pole trailers in 2016, and the customer doubled the order in 2017. Pole Trailers vary from 25’ single axles to 52’ duel axles Flatbed with Removable Reel systems all equipped with optional 20’ external light bar for rear hangover .

Reel trailers were introduced in the 1st quarter of 2015 for Google Fiber, we’ve sold 22 since then to Google. Reel trailers vary from 1 reel to hold up to an 8’ reel with swing away rear arm for tow motor loading, to a larger 2 or 3 reel trailer with independent axles or straight axles.

In 2015 the JMC-14 all purpose trailer with 12,000lb dumping cap and 14,000 payload with foldable sides for loading pad mount transformers came into production, along with flatbeds for Google Fiber contractors.

TUF-Manufacturing has a backlog of $607,500.00 for 2016 thus far, with a forecast of 1.6 million in trailer sales for 2017. We also builds exclusive wire reel racks, cab guards, ladder boxes, steps, and fabricates custom size boxes for all customers needs as well as refurbishes existing trailers. We completed 11 refurbishes for Google Fiber last year netting around $56,000.00.

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